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Dwell on Design, Los Angeles Convention Center, June 2012 (moderator):
“Building for a 2000-Watt Society,” with architect Roger Kurath
“How to Get Your Work Published,” with editors Craig Nakano (of the Los Angeles Times) and Ann Friedman (formerly of Good)
“Airstream: Rebranding an Icon,” with architect Christopher Deam
“Learning from Swiss Design,” with architects Roger Kurath and Frank Escher
“Designing for an Art Collection,” with collector/designer Jeff Wardell, architect Linda Taalman, and architect Tom Marble
“The Real Cost of Knockoffs,” with Eames Office Director Eames Demetrios and Emeco CEO and President Gregg Buchbinder
“Renovating the Hotel Lautner,” with interior designer Tracy Beckmann and furniture designer Ryan Trowbridge
“Innovations in Kitchen Design,” with Sub-Zero assistant marketing manager Sean Brown and designers Cheryl Hamilton-Gray and Gary Osborne
“Sustainability in the Desert,” with landscape architect Jim Burnett, architect Frederick Fisher, and Sunnylands Center & Gardens director Janice Lyle

The Symposium for Professional Wine Writers at Meadowood, Napa Valley, February 2012: “What Lifestyle Editors Want and How to Get Assignments From Them,” panel discussion with editors Katie Tamony of Sunset, Martha Holmberg of Mix, and Paige Porter Fischer of Better Homes & Gardens

University of San Francisco, February 2012: “Edges of the Profession: Media and the Design Industry,” talk with Dwell Deputy Editor Aaron Britt

LA Art Show, Los Angeles Convention Center, January 2012: “Homes for Artists and Art Collectors,” panel discussion with architect Linda Taalman, architect Tom Marble, and designer/art collector Jeff Wardell

Swissnex San Francisco, September 2011: “Designing for a Hierarchy of Needs,” panel discussion with architect Cary Bernstein, architect David Hacin, architect Douglas Burnham, and designer Peter Wirz

Dwell on Design, Los Angeles Convention Center, June 2011 (moderator):
“Living in an Airstream,” with Andreas Stravopoulos
“Tips on Kitchen Design,” with architect Bruce Bolander
“Designing for Family,” with architect Barbara Bestor
“New Directions in Landscape Architecture,” with landscape architect Marcel Wilson
“Designing Vibrant Public Spaces,” with CMG Landscape Architecture
“Smart Renovation Tips,” with architect Linda Taalman
“Renovating an Architectural Icon,” with Steven Ehrlich and Eric Haas