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Time for a Change

idx090701_kbgtSome people mark new phases of life with adventure experiences (skydiving, safaris) or shiny purchases (jewelry, sports cars). Others renovate. Such was the case with a retired widow who had lived in a two-bedroom on San Francisco’s tony Nob Hill since the ’80′s. (Read More…)


Napa Valley gets a taste of its own rustic beauty at the Carneros Inn, a resort by Shopworks and William Rawn Associates.

Something fresh has sprouted amid the rolling vineyards and cow-dotted farms of Northern California’s Napa Valley. The Carneros Inn, the wine region’s first new resort in 20 years, takes its design cues from its surroundings: barns, silos, ranchers’ cottages, and orderly rows of grapevines marching across the landscape. (Read More…)