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Photo by Crisobal PalmaGesturing at the wood-and-iron house he designed for his family three years ago, the Buenos Aires–based furniture designer and architect Alejandro Sticotti declares, “It was like putting in a UFO, like something from Mars.” True, with its clean lines, open floor plan, and raw finishes (Read More…)

Profile: Terunobu Fujimori

A modern eccentric with an architectural sensibility drawn from ancient Japanese traditions, Terunobu Fujimori designs projects that are exercises in playful experimentation and sophisticated craft.


One of the first things you notice about the Japanese architect and architectural historian Terunobu Fujimori is his voracious appetite. His particular brand of hunger extends not only to food—which he devours swiftly and animatedly, crumbs flying Cookie Monster–style—but also to an ardent intellectual curiosity (Read More…)

Site Unseen

tinbeerwah-house-dining-room-view-to-living-room-1Few people would spend their life savings on a plot of land they’d never seen. Two exceptions are Adrienne Webb and Stefan Dunlop, who, while living in a loft in London, snapped up an acre of land in northeastern Australia, 10,000 miles away. (Read More…)

Detour: Honolulu, Hawaii

Today, if you tallied the world’s design capitals, you’d be forgiven for overlooking Honolulu. But when it came to modern architecture in the 1950s and ’60s, all eyes were on Hawaii’s capital city. After World War II and prior to Hawaii’s statehood in 1959, an influx of young modernist architects poured (Read More…)

Prayers at an Exhibition: Bhutan’s Art and the Monks Who Protect It

On a recent afternoon, art handlers in T-shirts and tattoos paced the sixth-floor gallery of the Rubin Museum of Art, wielding levels and hammers as museum employees with clipboards leaned over tables laden with gold and bronze sculptures. (Read More…)

Rising Above It All

Set atop a 1908 warehouse in the Courtenay Precinct of Wellington, New Zealand, the three apartments by Architecture Workshop glow like lanterns at dusk, signaling a new day for this once-derelict neighborhood.

Approaching downtown Wellington, New Zealand, from the airport, you curve around the city’s glittering bay and land in Courtenay Precinct, a stylish neighborhood chockablock with boutiques, bars, and sidewalk cafés. It’s hard to believe (Read More…)

Cultural Constructs

When is a whale not a whale?  When it’s a scrupulous assemblage of plastic lawn chairs by Canadian artist Brian Jungen.

Just Back From Los Angeles: Claes Oldenburg and Coosje van Bruggen


HOME BASE New York City

SHOWSTOPPER Oldenburg and van Bruggen, who have lived, worked, and traveled together for the last 29 years, have been shuttling back and forth to L.A. in order to create their 65-foot-high, unfurling aluminum and stainless-steel Collar and Bow for the Frank Gehry-designed Walt Disney Concert Hall (Read More…)

Listening to the Land

Photo by SWA GroupSWA Group is a landscape architecture, planning, and urban design firm with offices in California, Texas and Shanghai. The group emerged 1959 as the West Coast office of Sasaki, Walker and Associates. Now SWA has earned the ASLA 2005 (Read More…)

Just Back From Rome: Matthew Marks

“When I have limited time in Rome, I try to see works of art that are meant to be seen, and exist, only here”

OCCUPATION Gallery owner


ROMAN HOLIDAY Marks, who represents 25 international artists at his namesake Chelsea gallery, frequently travels abroad for art fairs and studio visits. He recently attended a show of new work by British painter (and old friend) Gary Hume in Hannover, Germany. Afterward, the two decamped for a weekend in Rome. (Read More…)